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Our Story

So our story starts like this. After 20 years we met back up at our 20th High School reunion. And! Through the power of social media and God, there was this spark.  So much so that a mutual and close friend-for-life of our 410ish person graduation class, said something like,"There's something going on with you."  Low and behold, there was. That was 2010 and, friends, by 2011 we were living together mid Summer.  Our connection? A great love of life, fun, friends, family, fur baby, and good food and wine.  

Follow our new journey as we share our adventures via our Instagram page, follow along our Blog (as we make posts about recipes, products and more). We would love to reconnect with you if we have not had you at the dinner table. I mean, as we write this, homemade sauce and meatballs are being made, so why wouldn't you want to join?

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