June 12th, 2021 - The Inaugural Supper Club of 90Norton

On Saturday we were delighted to host our high school friend and nephew for our first ever Supper Club dinner. If you missed it, we missed you. Let me tell you about the event.

We started our hunger with a charcuterie board of 3 cheeses and 3 meats and some savory and sweet bites. The board these apertivo were presented on was hand crafted by Bill himself. We're in the business people. If you want one we're happy have an order or two, or maybe five.

The dinner was braised short ribs in a trinity of carrots, celery, and onion with a Guinness Stout Reduction for a gravy. This meat was plated over a creamy pillow of mashed potatoes and accompanied with a Kale salad and two different homemade dressings of Honey Mustard vinaigrette or tangy Ranch dressing. Our friend surprised the occasion with the most tasty mini Strawberry Dream cake from our favorite bakery, Bakes-N-Cakes of Lansing, Michigan.

The meal was paired with two wines from our friends and regular spot, Apertivo from the Grand Rapids Downtown Market and two different beers from Trail Point Brewing Company (our Beer City USA favorite in Allendale, Michigan).

Checkout Apertivo for these wines that paired perfectly with the spices with every aspect of the meal.

  • Langhe Arneis (2019) - Grape Arneis - Italian White Wine

  • Isle Saint Pierre (2020) - Arles, France Rosé

  • Montefresco (2018) - Montepulciao D'Abruzzo - Italian Red Wine

Special note: We ate the cheeses too fast for me to save the names. You'll just have to come and get a bit the next time.

Checkout Trail Pointe for these great beers, product of Beer City USA and just a 10 minute drive from our home).

  • Dr. Peel Good

  • Henry Lee

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