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The Pantry is bare, but organized

Cleaning out a pantry of items sure is a way to feel grateful and humbled and a lot guilty at the same time. This past Sunday I treated myself to a little "(Me)egs Time" and totally emptied, swept, threw out and then totally overhauled our pantry. We had so much that was years beyond their date that I started to really look at the privilege and waste of food. As we build this brand I am starting to think about getting back to my days when I was hourly and building my career and wanting to focus on less is more, and making something to eat out of pure ingredients and canned goods. Using the recipes and upping all the yummy flavors you'll soon see on Instagram at 90_Norton.

Here's 3 things to take away from this:
1. In the West to Mid Michigan Area? Schedule me to come organize your pantry, closet, cupboards, garage, office, or similar spaces that needs a system. BOOK ME
2. Look at your labels every quarter, I am happy to set-up a reminder. Email us.
3. I used these items to organize. You can click the image to buy them and scroll these pictures to see how we used them in the pantry and on the shelves.

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