This is the cutting board that Bill bought me as a house warming gift in 2011 when this whole crazy thing of me moving back to Michigan and in with him began. - Click image to buy

Ironwood Gourmet Large End Grain Prep Station Acacia Wood Cutting Board, 14 x 20-Inch, Brown
Knife Set, 21 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set with Block Wooden, Germany High Carbon Stainless Steel Professional Chef Knife Block Set, Ultra Sharp, Forged, Full-Tang (Black)

The funny thing about knives in our house?  They appear out of no where.  One day there's this new knife.  Why? Well, I suspect Bill takes a trip or two to "his Sonoma" or "Pottery Barn."  Regardless they make meal prep a breeze and it does make for a great story - Click image to buy

Cuisinart MultiClad Pro 8" Open Skillet, 8-Inch, Non Stick Stainless Steel

Even when things do make their way into our house, it's eggs-celent.  I may have over done an egg or two and put this pan in the dishwasher by accident but it's all good. Saturday and Sunday eggs are the yummiest. The best part is breakfast sandwiches in bed with coffee and Food TV network. - Click image to buy

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven, 4.5 qt., Cerise

The first year together was a ride.  Bill got me my dream cutting board and for his 40th, I got him a Dutch Oven by Le Creuset.  It's not easy hiding this and wrapping it.  When you look at the price, remember this. I got a huge "rock" just 3-months later and a wedding 6-months after this. I make the best Stung Gun Wedding Soup in this pot.  But! It's not complete without the Rooster for a handle.  - Click image to buy

All-Clad E7649764 HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher Safe PFOA Free Roaster Cookware, 13-Inch by 16-Inch, Black

Since 2006 I have been perfecting an Italian Citrus Turkey for Thanksgiving complete with all the trimmings. My mom upgraded my roasting pan a few years back and this is my perfection. For everything from a quick Chicken supper on Sunday to the full bird on holiday's. I can't go wrong with the pan juices into gravy. - Click image to buy

Cuisinart Professional Stainless Skillet with Helper, 12-Inch

This is a you can't go wrong pan. I love making Frittatas or Ratatouille in this versatile pan.  Last week Bill made the bomb Carbonara. It's worth it! - Click image to buy

Lodge Wildlife Series-10.25" Cast Iron Skillet with Deer Scene, 10.25", Black

For whatever reason, Bill was in my mother-in-law's basement and came across this Lodge pan that she'd bought at an Estate sale for maybe $5 bucks. Turns out this little gem went home with us and has stayed. The "gift" was amazing.  Did you know that foods cooked on Cast Iron are good for my thyroid issue. If you can't find this gem online and in stock, head up to the U.P. and find the Marquette Cast Iron. Worth the trip for 2 or 3 we own now.  - Click image to buy

Lodge Chef Collection 20x10 Inch Cast Iron Chef Style Reversible Grill/Griddle. Two-in-One Seasoned Cookware for Stovetop Burners or a Campfire. Made from Quality Materials to Last a Lifetime

On a trip to Chicago and into a T.J. Maxx I happened to find this Lodge Griddle that had been in my Dream Book for several years.  $39.99 and it's ours. Makes great lines on steaks when indoor grilling. - Click image to buy